Are the TDF and TTF the same thing?
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Are the TDF and TTF the same thing?


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Telon Application Generator


CA Telon is a mainframe-target application Generator. The CA Telon Design Facility (TDF) is used to paint a screen or report, define screen and DBMS I/O, and add "custom code" (exit points that can be used to add business-based code). 
The CA-Telon Test Facility (TTF) provided an INTERACTIVE debugging tool that allowed you to test an application or prototype new screens in the MVS mainframe environment. 

Are these the same?


Telon Application Generator, release 5.1


These are not the same.

Due to the constraints of its underlying architecture, the CA Telon Test Facility is no longer supplied or 
supported as part of the product. 
Recommendation is to consider using CA Intertest Batch for your debugging needs in batch and IMS programs.