Trying to logon to FTP, the user's error message is ACF01044 PASSWORD PHRASE NOT SET FOR LOGONID


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A user for some reason is not able login via an FTP session. He is able to login OK to TSO.

The error message is: ACF01044 PASSWORD PHRASE NOT SET FOR LOGONID E488974

I cannot find in the manual how to check for or define a password phrase. Also, why is this user getting this error since LIDs are defined same way for everyone here?



With z/OS 1.13, IBM changed the FTP logon to allow password phrases. So if the user did a typo or passed some garbage in the signon, and more than 8 bytes were entered, then a RACROUTE VERIFY call is made as a password phrase. If PASSPHRASE is not set for the user, then you will get the ACF01044 message.



The user needs to make sure they are entering a password with a length of 8 or less. 


Component: ACF2MS