How can I avoid losing my customization of CA InterTest for CICS and/or CA Symdump for CICS when I upgrade my existing release.


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CA InterTest for CICS and CA Symdump for CICS are delivered with a default copy of the product customization module, IN25OPTS.  CA InterTest for CICS also includes a default copy of a user exit, IN25UEXI.  This exit is used to prevent monitoring of outside software, such as DB2, when it is called from a monitored CICS application program. Customers often modify these defaults in accordance with the needs of their individual site.  If the new maintenance or service level includes default versions of one, or both of these modules, any previous customization will be lost.  How can this be prevented?     


Retaining the customized copy once the upgrade is complete may necessitate that you either:

  • Reassemble your customized IN25OPTS/IN25UEXI and relink the module into the new loadlib
  • Save the previous version of IN25OPTS/IN25UEXI and copy it into the new loadlib

To retain the customized copy of the module(s) with no impact: 

  • Create a separate load library specifically for the customization modules such as IN25OPTS and/or IN25UEXI
  • Assemble and link the customization modules into this load library as part of the initial install of the product(s) 
  • Concatenate this load library to the Relocatable Program Library (RPL) of the CICS region ahead of the product libraries for CA InterTest for CICS and/or CA SymDump for CICS.



Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch