Can Endevor VSAM ELIBs use VSAM Extended Addressability (EA)?
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Can Endevor VSAM ELIBs use VSAM Extended Addressability (EA)?


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The storage group says that an Endevor VSAM ELIB is close to exceeding the 4G space limit
What can be done?


Release: 18.0 18.1
Component:   Endevor


Endevor VSAM ELIB data sets can run under the VSAM Extended Addressability (EA) umbrella which allows one to allocate VSAM files that exceed 4 gigabytes.

No changes are necessary to your Endevor VSAM datasets,  just need to contact your storage group and check if extended
addressability is enabled for the LPARS which Endevor is executing on.

If EA is available on the LPAR Endevor is executing on then your storage people will need to create an SMS dataset class for the
VSAM files to take advantage of EA an exceed 4G.

If EA is not available on the LPAR, open a support case on the Broadcom Support portal