Data Aggregator SNMPv3 discovery requires unique snmpEngineId
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Data Aggregator SNMPv3 discovery requires unique snmpEngineId


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Discovery of SNMPv3 devices is failing to discover all devices.

Only one out of 2 or more of the devices is discovered.

When this problem is observed, no clear or obvious error messages are being observed.


Release: 21.2.x, 22.2.x

Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator


CAPM requires a unique SNMPv3 engineID for each V3 device.


The reason for this is because SNMPv3 relies on all devices having a unique SNMP Engine ID value being set on them.

This is an industry standard defined in RFC 3411, section

To pull the v3 engine ID's from PM, Run this on the DC:

curl -vk -u admin http://127.x.x.x:8681/debug/dispatcher/container/ >/tmp/bean

(you can replace admin with your pc console user, if you have admin rights)

** Please note - this url is only available from localhost for security reasons, so you cannot hit this with a REST client or a browser. **

If multiple devices are using the same engine ID, they will be listed as IP,IP,IP…..



Fix the configuration of your SNMPv3 devices so that each one has a unique engineID.

Alternatively, you could move the non-unique engineID device to a different data collector (DC).


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