What to do when you receive a "CADD357S Bad File Structure" and how to prevent them.
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What to do when you receive a "CADD357S Bad File Structure" and how to prevent them.


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


During startup input dataset recovery processing, the CADDSPL CADZSAPx task encounters a bad file structure within the input report or msgclass dataset and terminates with a the following error message:                            


  CADD326E SAPx taskid SAPI interface error (rc=00,rtrn=0008,reas=0000)   



The CADZSAPx task does not startup, displaying these messages in the job log:                                                                  


  CADD357S SAPx taskid Bad file structure type 002 for token 0000923A     

  CADD360I SAPx taskid job=xxxxxxxx(JOB06396),step=STEP070,token=0000923A 

  CADD361I SAPx taskid ddn=SYSPRINT(        ),proc=xxxxxxxx               

  CADD362I SAPx taskid dsn=#xxxx.xxxxxxxx.JOB06396.D0000130.?

The CADD357S BAD FILE STRUCTURE messages occur when there is something wrong with the dataset, as it sits in the JES queue, that results in our SAPI task not being able to successfully process that entry into the LDS files.




When this error is received, you should be able to go out to the JES2 queue and see entries out there with the designated Dispatch CLASS on them that have $$ value in the DEST and/or FORM fields.
Example: $$R1RPI1 for DEST and/or $$xxxxx for FORM
You need to identify the entry(s) in the JES2 queue that have these types of values and you will have to either place them on HOLD or DELETE them. You will NOT be able to process these entries through Dispatch.
You will then need to delete the entries in the RPI queue under RIDF (screen VOPMI200 - Option 8.2 from main menu) that have a TYPE of RCVY on them. However, in order for you to be able to delete them, you will first have to temporarily stop the RPI task from the VOPMI100 screen (option 8.1 from the main menu). Then go back to the VOPMI200 screen, tab down and type an 'F' next to them to free them. After issuing the 'F' command, the TYPE should change from RCVY to USER at which point you should be able to delete them by tabbing down and typing a 'D' next to them. After deleting any RCVY entries, restart both the RPI task and the SAPIRPI task if necessary.

Additional Information

As a proactive followup action that you can perform to prevent future occurrences of these CADD357S SAPx taskid BAD FILE STRUCTURE errors you will want to make sure that you have corrective APAR RO81633 applied to your Dispatch environment.