I receive error messages trying to do an install of the Windows Client
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I receive error messages trying to do an install of the Windows Client


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


How can I correct error messages when I do a new install of the CA Vantage Windows Client?

(The basis of these instructions is that there is no customization that needs to be preserved.) 



Release: SMV3EN00200-12.6-Graphical Management Interface


The error messages typically indicate that some file or element exists, or was not removed when the uninstall was done.

If you want to delete the Windows Client so that you can perform a clean install:
1. Write down the Host Definition information so you can easily enter this when the new install is done.
2. Go to your PC's:  Control Panel / Programs and Features, then Uninstall: CA SRM Windows Client.
If error messages are displayed when doing the new install, here are some cleanup items that users have been directed to do to get the install to work: 
1. Insure that the folder, BrightStor SRM Data, has been completely deleted.
2. If the error message is for GALIL.INI, this can be found and deleted from:  C:\Windows\GALIL.INI
3. Other errors can be caused by bad data in the Registry, such as this:
    - Problem: Cannot find SOFTWARE\Computer Associates\Brightstor Storage Resource Manager\
                    Windows Client\Checkpoint\1\Installation Mode. 
    - Reason: This may occur when galil.ini file is not removed by deinstall.    
4. Some errors can be fixed by deleting a folder in the Registry:
   - From the Start Button/Flag, click:  Run
   - Enter:  REGEDIT
   - Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComputerAssociates\
                        BrightStor Storage Resource Manager\Windows Client
   - Delete this Windows Client folder.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact CA Technical Support.