vSphere Client missing global banner notifications for historical data import
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vSphere Client missing global banner notifications for historical data import


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VMware vCenter Server


Allow users to enable the historical data import task notifications in the vSphere Client.


In /var/log/vmware/vsphere-ui/logs/vsphere_client_virgo.log:

c.v.v.client.folder.LazyLoadingDataMigrationPropertyProvider      Exception is thrown while retrieving lazyImportData propertiesjava.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.Unauthorized: Unauthorized (com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.unauthorized) => {
messages = [LocalizableMessage (com.vmware.vapi.std.localizable_message) => {
id = vapi.security.authorization.invalid,
defaultMessage = Unable to authorize user,
args = [],
params = <null>,
localized = <null>
data = <null>,


VMware vCenter Server 8.0.0


Configuration mismatch.


The issue is resolved by changing the configuration of the history import GET API to use session authentication.

This issue will be resolved in VC P01.


There are two workarounds in this situation:

  1. Data migration can be monitored from the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface as described here Monitor and Manage Historical Data Migration

  2. The feature can be enabled by altering the endpoint authentication method:

On the vCenter you can find /usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-ui/plugin-packages/cis-data-service-plugin/api_gateway_server.war which contains a configuration file WEB-INF/classes/authn-metadata.json.
In the configuration file under the "authnMetadata" object the value of "com.vmware.vcenter.deployment.import_history.get"
needs to be changed from "anonymous" to "session". The .war file can be treated as a normal .zip file.
zip/unzip utilities can be used to alter the archive.

Note: Be sure to clean any temporary files left over from extracting/packing the archive and make sure that the altered api_gateway_server.war file has the same permissions as the original. After the change the vSphere Client needs to be restarted manually.