How to use /*Route PRINT statemets with CA View FSS Collectors.
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How to use /*Route PRINT statemets with CA View FSS Collectors.


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In JCL, the ROUTE PRINT card is used to specify a destination for the print file.  When using the same JCL to send a file to CA View to collect with the FSS collector, the destination needs to be specified using the Routecde ®.           

In the  /* ROUTE PRINT ABCD1 statement, the ABCD1 will be used in the work selection for the CA View FSS printer.   See example below:





MVS $TPRT68,WS=(Q,R)                       

MVS $SPRT68                                   

MVS $DU,PRT68,L=Z                             


Printer Work Selection Criteria                             


  CRITERION         BEFORE SLASH (/)                       AFTER SLASH (/)              


 Routecde           The output group's                      The destination of the        

                         destination must match the          output group must match     

                         route code (R=) specified             the route code (R=)             

                         for this device. Otherwise             specified for this device,     

                         the output group is not                but if there are multiple      

                         selected. If there are                   route codes the list is          

                         multiple route codes                    not considered to be in     

                         specified for the device,               priority sequence.              

                         the list is considered to                                                        

                         be in priority sequence and                                                  

                         a match with the first                                                           

                         route code is preferred.                                                       




    Specifies up to four internal route codes to be assigned to this printer.  If more than one route code is

    specified, enclose the list in parentheses.  You can also specify wildcards on this parameter.



1.   JES2 does not allow remote printers to change Routecde=   to another destination or to delete Routecde from the work selection list.      

2.   NODENAME=REQUIRED on the DESTDEF initialization statement will cause JES2 to require that a userid be prefixed with a node name.    

        If destid is specified alone, it refers to both the node and the remote.                                                        


Ummmm   Indicates that output for special local routing is selected.   The special routing numbers range

                from 1 to 32767.            


Routing to a remote device can be specified in any of the following ways:                                                

    o   LOCAL|ANYLOCAL                                                      

    o   Rnnnn                                                                

    o   destid                                                              

    o   userid                                                              


          LOCAL|ANYLOCAL   Indicates routing to a local device.                          


          Rnnnn                    Indicates routing to the specified remote device. Rnnnn can also be specified as

                                       RMnnnn or RMTnnnn.  The value specified for nnnn can range from 1 to 32767.


          destid                     Indicates routing to a destination at the local node.         


          userid                     Indicates routing to a valid TSO userid. Generic userids are also valid.  A

                                        generic userid is a userid that ends in an asterisk (*), and refers to all userids

                                        that begin with the characters preceding the *.  


                                        Note: The * can only be specified in the last position of the userid.       


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO