Baseline throwing class errors.
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Baseline throwing class errors.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


An Enterprise Manager(collector) is throwing a baseline error, what means it? 

[ERROR] [Manager] Unable to handle baseline data in class class com.wily.introscope.server.beans.heuristics.UpwardDeviatingBaselineHeuristic


CA Application Performance Management 10.7.


The error message indicates that there is corruption in the baselines.db file which is where the EM stores it's heuristic baseline data. This would occur when the EM is shut down unexpectedly or crashed, hence baselines.db becomes corrupted.



1. Shut down the Enterprise Manager throwing this error.
2. Navigate to the <EM_Home>\data directory
3. Look for the file named baselines.db.
4. Rename the file or move it to another location.
5. Restart the Enterprise Manager throwing this error.
6. The baselines.db file will be re-generated.


Additional Information

The only side effect is that you will lose the baseline data and it will be rebuilt once you restart the Enterprise Manager.