How to run silent install for Windows Password Synch Agent
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How to run silent install for Windows Password Synch Agent


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It is useful to be able to run a silent installation of the 32- or 64-bit Windows Password Synchronization Agent (PSA), particularly when the PSA needs to be installed on multiple AD Domain Servers. The silent install allows you to apply the PSA without having to run the GUI-based installer.



Release: CAPUEL99000-12.5-Identity Manager-Blended upgrade to Identity &-Access Mgmt Ente


1. Edit the silent_install.conf file and set the silent-install parameter to yes, like this:


2. As the local administrator run the silent installer:

setup.exe /w /s /v"/qn LICENSE=Yes


Note: If you are unable to locate the silent_install.conf file, the file is located in this folder: Agent -> PasswordSync. If you looked in Agent -> PasswordSync-x64 and it's not there. Use the file in the PasswordSync folder and move it onto the desired folder.