Disable "adaptive rx ring sizing" to avoid random interface reset
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Disable "adaptive rx ring sizing" to avoid random interface reset


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The following message will appear in Windows Event Log with VMware Tools 2.x/3.x .

Microsoft-Windows-NDIS, The network interface "vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter" has begun resetting.
There will be a momentary disruption in network connectivity while the hardware resets.
Reason: The network driver detected that its hardware has stopped responding to commands. This network interface has reset 1 time(s) since it was last initialized."

This behavior is related to "adaptive rx ring sizing" feature in windows vmxnet3 driver.
This feature can dynamically change the rx ring 1 size based on the traffic rate.
When the ring size is changed, vmxnet3 driver will reset the device to reflect the new configuration.
It may become random interface reset but it's expected.


Check if "adaptive rx ring sizing" is enabled in driver properties using Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty command via Windows Power Shell.
Interface name should be of vmxnet3 adapter.

> Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty -Name <interface name>

example) "adaptive rx ring sizing" is enabled.
Name        DisplayName                        DisplayValue       RegistryKeyword RegistryValue
----             -----------                                ------------              ---------------          -------------
Ethernet0   Enable adaptive rx ring sizing Enabled              EnableAdapti... {1}

If "adaptive rx ring sizing" is enabled, disable it and see if the issue is seen again.
There is no need to restart the Virtual Machine.

Control Panel -> Search "device manager"
 Network Adapter -> Select the adapter
  Select "Advanced" tab and Change the value of "adaptive rx ring sizing"

VMware Tools 10.4.0/11.0.0, the adaptive ring feature is disable by default.