CAUAJM_E_50327 Cannot delete machine
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CAUAJM_E_50327 Cannot delete machine


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent


After having installed the latest agent release with a different agent name, we need to redefine the machine to reference the new agent name.

 But when we try to delete the old machine definition by :

 delete_machine: machine_name

 the operation fails with the following error messages :

 CAUAJM_I_50227 Deleting machine: machine_name

CAUAJM_E_50327 Cannot delete machine "machine_name" as it is still being referenced by machine containers.

CAUAJM_E_50228 Deletion of machine: machine_name was NOT successful!

CAUAJM_E_50198 Exit Code = 1




These error messages are reported because the machine_name is referenced in job definitions.




We can proceed by the following steps to take a backup of the job and machine definitions and then redefine the machine :


  1. Use the following command to save the job definitions :


autorep –q  -J  ALL > job-definitions.jil


  1. The following command allows to save the machine definitions :


autorep –q –M ALL > machine-definitions.jil


or to backup only the concerned machine definition run :


autorep –q –M machine_name > machine_name.jil



  1. Then use the following option to allow to delete the machine :


delete_machine: machine_name

force: y


  1. In “machine_name.jil” file created in step 2, change the agent_name to the new agent name.


insert_machine: machine_name

type: a

factor: 1.00

port: 7520

node_name: machine_name

agent_name: new_agent_name    < ====

encryption_type: DEFAULT

character_code: ASCII


  1. You can also change any other attributes if needed, then redefine the machine by :


jil < machine_name.jil  > machine_name.res


The operation completed successfully.