Using an Event Procedure to place a device in maintenance mode in CA Spectrum
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Using an Event Procedure to place a device in maintenance mode in CA Spectrum


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Utilizing event procedures to place a device in maintenance mode




For this example, we will be using the 'WriteAttribute' procedure code.

This allows you to either set an attribute in Spectrum to True or False (yes/no) or utilize an event variable to set the attribute value to that (must be a writable attribute).


WriteAttribute( \
    { C CURRENT_MODEL }, \
    { H 0xffff0001 }, \
    GetEventVariable( { U 5 } ) \


Write a value retrieved from event variable 1 to attribute 0xffff0001 of the current model.

The GetEventVariable function, retrieves the value from the variable of the event.

With the WriteAttribute function, writes the value to the model.


Maintenance Mode:

It is important to note that once a device is in maintenance mode it will no longer process traps or alarms.

So using a trap, which this example is using, will place it in maintenance but a procedure cannot be used to remove it from maintenance.

Place this code in your $SPECROOT/Custom/Events/eventdisp file:

0xffff0011 E 20 A 4,0xffff0011 P "WriteAttribute( { C CURRENT_MODEL }, { H 0x1295d }, { B False } )"


Attribute 0x1295d is the isManaged attribute.  Setting it to False effectively sets it to "no".

This can be helpful if a device is going down for a reboot and sends a trap to notify Spectrum of that case, or if a device supports 'maintenance' type of traps.

Additional Information

Please reference the "How to Use Procedure in Event Processing" for more information.