[VMConAWS] Unable to Delete a VMDK or directory from the Workload datastore
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[VMConAWS] Unable to Delete a VMDK or directory from the Workload datastore


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VMware Cloud on AWS


Identifying reasons why some files may not be able to be deleted from the datastore.

Deletion task of VMDK from the datastore fails with below errors

Error: Cannot complete the operation due to an incorrect request to the server.


Error: Deletion of file or directory [WorkloadDatastore] <UUID>/Filename.vmdk from WorkloadDatastore was initiated from 'VMware vim-java [email protected]' and completed with status 'Failure'


Potential file locks exist from backup tool proxy VM. 
Possible corrupt CTK files.


Check for exclusive lock held by a Virtual Machine Backup solution proxy VM.
  • Select the backup solution proxy VM from vSphere Inventory
  • Right click the VM > Select "Edit Settings..." or click on the Actions button in the VM summary > Select "Edit Settings..."
  •  Expand the Hard disk and validate if there are any VM disks matching the files you wish to remove
  •  Consult your back up solution if necessary on impact of removing a disk from the Proxy VM before continuing
  •  Select "Hard disk", Select "Remove device"
  •  Click on OK
  •  Retry the file removal operation
For corrupt CTK files follow KB2013520

Incase the above steps doesn't resolve the issue Engage VMware Support for assistance

Additional Information

There should be no impact as long as the files being deleted are not in use