How do I completely uninstall the Vertica software
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How do I completely uninstall the Vertica software


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In order to reinstall the Data Repository, existing Vertica has to be uninstalled from the system.



To uninstall Vertica from a system:

1. Stop the existing database via admintools

2. Drop the database via admintools.

3. For each node in the cluster, run the following commands as root:

Find the installed vertica RPM package name:

rpm -qa vertica


Erase the vertica RPM:

rpm -e <vertica_rpm_name>


If the above command failed with an error, you can force the rpm erase using this command:

rpm -e --nodeps --noscripts <vertica_rpm_name>


Delete the vertica directory:

rm -rf /opt/vertica


Optional(recommended): Run the following commands as root for each node in the cluster to do a clean uninstall. Running these commands will ensure that you can perform a fresh Vertica installation on the same systems without running into any conflicts.


Delete the existing data directory:

rm -rf <data_dir>


Delete the existing catalog directory:

rm -rf <catalog_dir>


Delete the DR Admin user:

userdel <drAdminUser>


Delete the DR Admin home directory:

rm -rf <drAdminUser_homeDir>


Delete the verticadba group:

groupdel verticadba


4. Uninstall the Data Repository component:



-> Once this is all done run the command rpm -qa vertica and make sure it does not return a valid value.


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