[VMC on AWS] VMware Tools upgrade may fail with vix error code = 21009
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[VMC on AWS] VMware Tools upgrade may fail with vix error code = 21009


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VMware Cloud on AWS


This article explains the cause of VMware Tools upgrade failure.

When upgrading VMware Tools in a Windows virtual machine running on VMC SDDC, you may experience VMware Tools upgrade failure with the following error message.

Error message :

Error upgrading VMware Tools. vix error code = 21009

The following events are seen in vmware.log file 

2023-04-16T05:17:16.356Z In(05) vcpu-1 - TOOLS INSTALL Error copying upgrader binary /usr/lib/vmware/isoimages/windows.iso::VMwareToolsUpgrader.exe (=> C:\Windows\TEMP\vmware-SYSTEM\VMwareToolsUpgrader.exe) into guest, HgfsStatus = 1.
2023-04-16T05:17:16.356Z In(05) vcpu-1 - ToolInstall: Removing tools upgrade timeout handler
2023-04-16T05:17:16.356Z In(05) vcpu-1 - TOOLS INSTALL entering IDLE state.
2023-04-16T05:17:16.356Z No(00) vcpu-1 - ConfigDB: Setting toolsInstallManager.updateCounter = "2"
2023-04-16T05:17:16.356Z In(05) vcpu-1 - VigorConfig: hash updated
2023-04-16T05:17:16.364Z No(00) vcpu-1 - ConfigDB: Setting extendedConfigFile = "copy-cp4vol1tst.vmxf"
2023-04-16T05:17:16.365Z No(00) vcpu-1 - ConfigDB: Setting toolsInstallManager.lastInstallError = "21009"


This issue occurs due to missing "C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-SYSTEM" folder in the guest OS of the target virtual machine, During the upgrade process the installer copies some binaries and installation files to the above location and fails to do so as the folder is missing.  


In order to resolve this, please verify if there are any automatic tasks or operations that delete folders under "C:\Windows\Temp\" within the guest OS.

Please reboot the target virtual machine and confirm that the "
C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-SYSTEM" folder is re-generated. Once the folder is available, perform the upgrade again. 

Additional Information

VMware Tools Automatic Upgrade fails with the error: vix error code = 21009 (2129927)