Using the vSphere 8.0 Upgrade Evaluator Script
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Using the vSphere 8.0 Upgrade Evaluator Script


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VMware vCenter Server VMware vSphere ESXi


Upgrading to vCenter Server or ESXi 8.0 requires an additional precheck to identify the certificate with weak signature algorithm and spherelet compatibility captured part of KB 89424 and KB 89787


VMware vCenter Server 8.0
VMware vSphere ESXi 8.0


This upgrade evaluator script will help you to identify the presence of certificate with weak signature algorithm mentioned part of KB 89424 and identifying non compatible spherelet versions KB 89787

Steps to Run the Script:

  1. Download the attached to this KB article.

  2. Transfer the file to a folder on vCenter Server Appliance using WinSCP (e.g. /root or /tmp). Choose the location on the appliance which has admin rights and permissions for the logged-in user.
    Note: It's necessary to enable the bash shell before WinSCP will work, refer KB 2107727

  3. Log in to the vCenter Server using root credentials with an SSH Client (using Putty.exe or any similar SSH Client) and change to the directory where the script was placed.Use the user with the administrator rights and permissions on the Appliance/Machine (In the Case of Windows VC).

  4. Extract the file using the extraction tool, unzip, 7zip, etc.

  5. Update vsphere-upgrade-evaluator/config.json with the correct SSO administrator username and password.

  6. Execute the script as follows:
  • On Windows:
“%VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN%" C:\vsphere-upgrade-evaluator\ --config C:\vsphere-upgrade-evaluator\config.json --resultsDir C:\temp
  • On VCSA:
$VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN /root/vsphere-upgrade-evaluator/ --config /root/vsphere-upgrade-evaluator/config.json --resultsDir /tmp

  • Script execution would take some minutes depending on the size of the environment. Wait for the console messages to show the successful completion like below:


  • Open the “upgrade_evaluator_result.txt” inside the result folder printed on console.
  • In case there are no errors then the result file would look like below:


  • In case there are any issues then the result will look like below:


Additional Information

Output file descriptions

  1. upgrade_evaluator.log - This log file provides the comprehensive logs which display what is happening in the script run.

  2. upgrade_evaluator_result.json - This file is the concatenated output of each individual component in json format.

  3. upgrade_evaluator_result.txt - This file is the concatenated output of each individual component in more human readable format.

  4. upgrade_evaluator_status.json - This file shows the run status of each component phase, this can be used for live tracking the status of UpgradeEvaluator run.


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