Power information showing as 0 for Apollo Chassis ESXi Hosts.
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Power information showing as 0 for Apollo Chassis ESXi Hosts.


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VMware vSphere ESXi


ESXi Hosts running on HPE Apollo Chassis won't show power information correctly in the power monitoring area of vSphere Client or the Host Client. In the monitoring section of either the Web Client or the vSphere Client, the Power section for these Hosts will show 0.


VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7


The Apollo nodes (servers) are installed in a chassis. There is an iLO on each individual node and iLO manages the node and its resources while the Apollo Chassis Manager handles the chassis and its resources. Power is a chassis resource, not an individual node resource, and thus it is deliberately not reported by the individual node iLO via IPMI. Sensord currently relies on IPMI sensor readings to report host power stats. As an example, HPE Apollo XL170 Gen10 servers do not report the power usage through IPMI sensors, so sensord fails to collect power stats on them.


Currently there is no resolution to the issue. The issue will be fixed in the future releases.

To workaround the issue, utilise the Chassis Manager ILO to read power information.