Vmware Cloud Foundation: Edge shrink operation from SDDC manager fails
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Vmware Cloud Foundation: Edge shrink operation from SDDC manager fails


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VMware Cloud Foundation


Edge cluster has been deployed through VCF. The edge cluster might have been expanded.
  • When trying to shrink the edge node through VCF UI/API from the existing edge cluster and might see failure while removing the edge node step in the shrinkage workflow.


When the user tries to shrink a particular edge node from sddc manager , the workflow deletes bgp neighbor config, tier 0 interface, and enables t1 standby relocation as a part of workflow. VCF workflow puts the particular edge node in maintenance mode and shuts down the particular edge node. After this step when it tries to remove this edge node from edge cluster, NSX will give error something as shown below:

data = struct => {error_message=[Routing] Entity PolicyEdgeNode//infra/sites/default/enforcement-points/default/edge-clusters/3ca44909-bac7-47f8-a1f1-7e864d6e65fc/edge-nodes/2 can not be deleted as it is being referenced by entity(s): LrPort/8178ec72-59d8-4d83-8990-db6ac191a722, LrPort/dcc7b5ff-f7ae-476c-a667-196ae9a2d686, httpStatus=BAD_REQUEST, error_code=10026, module_name=ROUTING},
"Lrport is in USE"


Currently there is no resolution to the issue.

To workaround the issue, please retry workflow through VCF UI or through API. Please refer VMware Cloud Foundation API Reference Guide for more information.