Network Profile on TKGi 1.x Cannot Be Deleted
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Network Profile on TKGi 1.x Cannot Be Deleted


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When network profile is created and attached to an existing tkgi cluster, It cannot be deleted with error "The network profile <network profile> is still used by clusters"


VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition 1.9.6x
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition 1.x


Network Profiles can be updated by a new network profile to a running TKGi cluster.
Network profiles cannot be deleted when they are attached to existing cluster unless new profile is added to the cluster and old profile is not in use any more


Steps to Resolve:
  • Check the clusters running with this network profile created by running command as an example below
ubuntu@opsmgr-02-slot-21-pez-vmware-com:~$ pks cluster boc1 --details
PKS Version:              1.9.5-build.7
Name:                     boc1
K8s Version:              1.18.16
Plan Name:                small
UUID:                     cd1c66ed-1b98-49bb-89da-601ab57e87e5
Last Action:              UPGRADE
Last Action State:        succeeded
Last Action Description:  Instance upgrade completed
Kubernetes Master Host:
Kubernetes Master Port:   8443
Worker Nodes:             1
Kubernetes Master IP(s):
Network Profile Name:    
Kubernetes Profile Name:
  • Create a new network profile and assign the network profile to the cluster 
  • Document for how to update network profiles on existing Clusters below :
  • Once the new profile has been assigned to the cluster, the old profile can be deleted as long as it is no longer used by any clusters
Note: Update only network profile properties that support being updated.

Additional Information

Restrictions on updating Network Profiles in below document