How to enable bosh resurrection globally and on specific deployment
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How to enable bosh resurrection globally and on specific deployment


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VMware VMware vSphere with Tanzu


Bosh resurrector plugin is a tool used to recreate the vm if it is not in running state. More details available at

Bosh has an agent running on each vm, if the agent does not respond to a heart beat every minute, bosh will mark vm unresponsive and will try to recreate it. If one of vm processes is failing, the vm will be marked as falling state and resurrector will try to fix it by recreating the vm.


Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition 1.x


Resurrection can be enabled globally or per deployment basis.

To enable resurrection globally:

  1. Enable resurrector plugin in Bosh director tile —> Director Config —> Enable resurrector plugin
  2. Run command bosh update-resurrection on

To enable resurrection on per deployment basis follow these steps:
1. Create a resurrection.yaml config file with the following content:

- enabled: false
    - "deployment-abc"


2. Apply the bosh config to the deployment:

bosh update-config --type resurrection --name deployment-abc resurrection.yaml

To remove a resurrection setting from a deployment, run the following commands

bosh configs

Find the resurrection config you applied and then delete it:

bosh delete-config <config ID>




Additional Information

Note: Command bosh curl /resurrection shows the global status of the setting. To a get a per deployment status, check if the resurrection config file exists for the deployment.
Note: there is an issue with the setting, described in this KB Bosh resurrector not working after deleting a resurrection config (89164)