Can SSH key caching be disabled?
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Can SSH key caching be disabled?


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VMware Smart Assurance



This article explains the considerations for disabling SSH key caching in Smarts NCM.

The SSH key on large numbers of devices changes frequently enough that it becomes logistically difficult to manually clear the Smarts NCM SSH key cache for the devices in question.




The VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager (NCM) environment does not have the ability to track, monitor, or be aware of all device events that could cause the SSH key on a device to change. This makes it necessary to occasionally clear the SSH key cache of SSH keys for IP addresses belonging to the management interface of the devices on the Smarts NCM Device Server that hosts the device. For example, this may need to be done when the device operating system is upgraded. This can become logistically challenging in a large managed environment where frequent SSH key changes occur.


This issue requires the assistance of VMware by Broadcom Support for Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager (NCM). Please open a Support Request (SR) with Support for more information on this topic.