[VMC on AWS] VMDK Hot-extend operation and potential data loss
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[VMC on AWS] VMDK Hot-extend operation and potential data loss


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VMware Aria Suite VMware vCenter Server VMware Cloud on AWS


To provide information on potential data loss after increasing the size of a VMDK using the Hot-Extend option.

VMDK Hot-Extend operation was used to increase the size of a VMDK. 
The SDDC is version 1.24v1.
Storage vMotions or Virtual Machine restores using incremental CBT backups are being completed in the SDDC.


VMware vCenter Server 8.0.2


This is caused by a change in behavior in the VMDK Hot-extend operation that was introduced in SDDC versions 1.24v1. 
This can result in data loss when completing Storage vMotions and virtual machine restores with incremental CBT backup after the hot-extend.


In order to resolve this issue, update to ESXi 8.0 Update 2b, build 23305546, or newer.

The recommendation is to only extend a VMDK when the virtual machine is in a powered-off state. 

If the Hot-Extend operation has already been completed:
1. Perform a virtual machine operation that will cause the VMDK to be internally re-opened. This includes power-on and power-off tasks, snapshot operations, suspending and resuming the virtual machine, or hot-removing and hot-adding the VMDK. 
2. Reset CBT and complete a full backup immediately. Note: This action does not fix the pre-existing backups. 

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