Invalid system log directory
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Invalid system log directory


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VMware vCenter Server VMware vSphere ESXi


You receive this event when the host is unable to write log files to the configured system log directory, and instead uses the default log directory. This can occur if the host does not have permission to write to the directory (for example, a NAS filesystem which is exported read-only), or if the host is completely unable to access the filesystem.


A problem event appears in the vSphere Client with the following message:

The configured log directory /vmfs/volumes/2f77cc75-486a716b cannot be used. The default directory /scratch/log will be used instead.


Logs are written to the host's local scratch partition for ESXi, or stored in RAM for a host provisioned with Auto-Deploy, rather than to the desired log directory.


  1. Determine the cause of the failure and correct either the host's logging configuration or the storage system's configuration (for example, NAS export permissions or SAN zoning), as appropriate.

    Detailed information might be found in /var/log/.vmsyslogd.err.
    Note that /var/log itself is no longer a valid log storage location in this condition.
  2. Once the failure has been addressed, or the logging location has been changed (see "Related Information" links below for more information), reload the system logger using the following command:

    # esxcli system syslog reload

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