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How to move APM 9.6 Smartstor database from Windows and merge with APM 9.7 Smartstor database on Linux?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



We have installed APM 9.7 on Linux and APM 9.6 installed on Windows. How do we move the Introscope metrics and traces data from the older APM 9.6 server to the  new APM 9.7 one? The APM 9.7 is an update running for many days. We would like to merge them.



Stop the 9.7 EM on Linux.

Make a backup of <EM-Home>/data directory on Linux APM 9.7.

On Linux APM 9.7:
Create the following directories on Linux machine:

Copy Windows APM 9.6 data directory under /SmartStor/Windows
(Ftp over to linux in binary mode.)

Copy the Linux APM 9.7 data directory under /SmartStor/Linux

On Linux APM 9.7
cd <EM-Home>/tools

Run command: merge /SmartStor/Windows/data /SmartStor/Linux/data

Rename the <EM-Home>/data to <EM-Home>/data_original
Copy /SmartStor/Linux/data to <EM-Home>/data

Start the EM and check the data in Investigator (both live and historical).

Note: If problem occurs starting EM, stop EM and remove <EM-Home>/data
Rename the <EM-Home>/data_original to <EM-Home>/data
Then start the EM.


Release: CEMUGD00200-9.7-Introscope to CA Application-Performance Management-Upgrade Main