Installing Solaris and AIX Minions
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Installing Solaris and AIX Minions


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VMware Aria Suite


This article explains how to install the Solaris 10, Solaris 11, and AIX minions that are built for SaltStack Enterprise customers.


To download the minions:

  1. Go to the SaltStack Enterprise Installation Guide - Downloads page.
  2. Download all files listed in the AIX / Solaris Minions section.

Solaris 11 and AIX install directions

All packages for Solaris 11 and AIX have downloadable README.txt files that provide directions needed for their particular versions. When downloading the minions, make sure to download the appropriate README.txt file found in the downloads table.

Solaris 10 minion install directions

1. Download the desired package from links above.

2. As root, create a directory to hold the installer files andcdinto it:

mkdir /tmp/saltinstall
cd /tmp/saltinstall

3. Uncompress the .tar.gz:

gunzip <location of .tar.gz>
tar -xvf <location of .tar>

4. Install withpkgadd:

pkgadd -d .

5. Edit /opt/local/etc/salt/minion and set the master: directive to point at your salt-master.

6. Ensure that Service Management Facility (SMF) has the correct status of the daemon:

svcadm disable salt-minion
svcadm enable salt-minion


VMware Aria Automation Config 8.12.x