Aria Automation Config supportability for OneDir open salt packages
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Aria Automation Config supportability for OneDir open salt packages


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VMware Aria Suite


Starting with the 3006 release, open salt has updated the default installation method to onedir ( Aria Config depends on open salt to function and as of version 8.13.1 added support for onedir type of open salt deployments, specifically targeting these use cases:

  • connecting salt-master to Aria Config via raas master plugin
  • deploying salt minions via Aria Config

Aria Config supportability matrix:

Aria Automation Config flavourEnvironmentSupport for onedirNotes
Aria Config 8.13.1VMware Cloud Yes 
Aria Config deployed via Aria Lifeycle Manager as a Photon 3 applianceOn-premise (customer-managed)NoNo support due to lack of FIPS compliance in open salt 3006 for Photon 3.
Support expected after migration to Photon 4.0. Follow release notes for more updates
Aria Config 8.13.1 standalone installer RPMCustomer-managedYes 
Aria Config 8.13.0 and lower standalone installer RPMCustomer-managedNoRecommend upgrading to the latest 8.13.1 for validated support for salt onedir packages


When upgrading open salt to onedir, it is highly recommended to review the user guide remember to follow step 4 in  and reinstall any third-party python packages. The implication for salt-masters connected to and managed by Aria Automation Config, RaaS master plugin needs to be reinstalled. Follow the Aria Config documentation for installing/upgrading/configuring RaaS master plugin.

For list of platforms that support open salt onedir packages, see


Additional resources:



VMware Aria Automation Config 8.12.x

Additional Information

What is onedir?

Onedir stands for “one directory” because the goal is to provide a single directory containing all the executables that Salt needs. It includes the version of Python needed by Salt and its required dependencies.

Onedir packages simplify the installation process because they allow you to use Salt out of the box without installing Python or other dependencies first.