Site Recovery Manager fails to export data due to empty file
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Site Recovery Manager fails to export data due to empty file


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VMware Live Recovery



The impex export fails execution because the file /opt/vmware/impex/bin/ is empty.


VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.4.x
VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.3.x
VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.5.x


The instance of Site Recovery Manager appliance is upgraded and initially it is deployed in 8.1 or 8.2, where the impex tool was not a part of the deployment. The pairing of SRMs was done when the instance was in this initial 8.1 or 8.2 version and then in the newer versions no breaking/creating pairs are made.

After such scenario the file /opt/vmware/impex/bin/ stays empty.


To workaround, you may try two different options:
  1. The SRM instances to be re-paired
  2. The file /opt/vmware/impex/bin/ needs to be filled manually

Manually fix is available in the attached script, which must be download on the instance in separate folder, /opt/vmware/bin for example. Then to change the permissions to allow execution, and then to execute using root.
  1. Download the script "" in the "Attachments" section to the right.
  2. As root user, place the script in "/opt/vmware/bin" with the name
  3. Set the script to be executable:
chmod 755 /opt/vmware/bin/
4. Manually execute the script to create the file /opt/vmware/impex/bin/



create_export_sh get_app