SRM - Telemetry Service Cannot send telemetry data to ''
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SRM - Telemetry Service Cannot send telemetry data to ''


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VMware Live Recovery




After upgrading to SRM 8.8 or above you see an error in SRM UI - : sites.configure.telemetry.vcsa.notAccessible




VMware vSphere Replication 8.x
VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.x


SRM 8.8 introduced a new code to check if '' is reachable and if not display an error.


Telemetry is the process of gathering the performance data of any product and communicating it to a remote location (Telemetry receiving end-point '') for monitoring and analysis.

Run a curl command from SRM & VR appliances to check if it can access '' thru port # 443 

For example : curl -v telnet://

Port # 443 must be opened between SRM & VR appliances to '' for them to send telemetry data. 

If the system uses a firewall or a proxy to connect to the Internet, you must specify a firewall or a proxy rule allowing outbound traffic through for*.

Network Ports for Site Recovery Manager

vSphere Replication appliancehttps://vcsa.vmware.com443TCPCustomer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) for vSphere Replication.

Services, Ports, and External Interfaces That the vSphere Replication Virtual Appliance Uses

443TCPSite Recovery Manager Appliancehttps://vcsa.vmware.comCustomer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) for Site Recovery Manager

CEIP participation requires connection from the vSphere Replication & Site Recovery Manager virtual appliance to Please refer the documents below for more information. 

Configuring the Customer Experience Improvement Program for SRM 

Participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program for VR 

You can choose to join or leave the CEIP thru vCenter. SRM & VR just follow the recommendation in vCenter, they don't have a separate option or advanced settings from where you can disable CEIP. 

Additional Information


There is no impact to the functionality of SRM, you can safely ignore this error or enable telemetry connectivity.