SRM - The guest operating system is not supported
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SRM - The guest operating system is not supported


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VMware Live Recovery




1. Virtual machine shows an error during failover - The guest operating system is not supported.

2. The recovery operation encountered errors. Review the plan history to view any errors or warnings. Once the cause of the errors has been fixed, you can press Recovery again. Virtual machines that have already been successfully recovered will not be affected by running the recovery again.


VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 8.x


The OS selected for the VM is incorrect. 


Temporary fix to complete the recovery plan -

1. Configure the VM recovery settings in the recovery plan and set IP customization to - No IP customization. 
2. Run the recovery plan to check if it completes, this must work. 

Permanent fix - 

1. Remove the VM from Protection Group
2. Change the VM OS name from VM Edit settings to the correct OS name that is installed. If the installed OS name is not listed, please choose 'Other 32-bit/64-bit'
3. Storage vMotion the VM to another replicated datastore for testing purposes 
4. Protect this VM and failover again 

Check Guest Operating System Customization Support & Guest Operating System Support 

NOTE: If a guest OS is unsupported by ESXi, its also unsupported by SRM. 

Additional Information


Unable to complete recovery of virtual machines.