Unable to change SRM Appliance Certificate
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Unable to change SRM Appliance Certificate


Article ID: 312667


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VMware Live Recovery



The certificate's Subject Alternative Name does not contain one of the following: 
- an IP address that matches the SRM host IP 
- a DNS name that matches the SRM host name 
- a common Name field that matches the SRM host name.
Operation ID: 8b9238a7-8004-4c88-9025-e49d0b17a4f0

  1. SRM Appliance certificate has expired
  2. You cannot change the appliance certificate to FQDN
  3. You are unable to change the certificate from using a short name to FQDN


Login to SRM Appliance using putty & change the hostname to reflect FQDN

root@SRMPR [ /opt/vmware/share/vami ]# ./vami_config_net
Main Menu
0)      Show Current Configuration (scroll with Shift-PgUp/PgDown)
1)      Exit this program
2)      Default Gateway
3)      Hostname
4)      DNS
5)      Proxy Server
6)      IP Address Allocation for eth0
Enter a menu number [0]:

Press 3 to change the hostname to FQDN

Example: If the hostname is SRMPR, change it to SRMPR.vr.local (FQDN)

Now, try changing the certificate in SRM Appliance by entering the FQDN & it will work.