Apple Rapid Security Response support
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Apple Rapid Security Response support


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On May 1st, 2023, Apple released their new Rapid Security Response feature for both iOS and macOS. Rapid Security Responses deliver important security improvements between software updates. Apple states Rapid Security Responses are applied automatically by default and only apply to the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, beginning with iOS 16.4.1, iPadOS 16.4.1, and macOS 13.3.1. For more information regarding this feature, please see the following link to Apple's support article.

Expected Behavior
Workspace ONE UEM does not currently support reporting on Rapid Security Response installation status or granular management of specific Rapid Security Responses. This means that:
  • Devices will not display installed Rapid Security Responses within UEM console Device Details or List Views
  • UEM console cannot trigger installation of specific Rapid Security Responses
  • Compliance Policies, Enrollment Restrictions, and Smart Groups can not target devices with specific Rapid Security Responses installed
Apple provides MDM the ability to block Rapid Security Response installation and prevent removal. If you'd like to apply either of these policies, please see the following links for iOS and macOS custom XML profiles. 

The Workspace ONE UEM team is currently developing functionality to report and manage Rapid Security Response installation status.

This article will be updated in the future to provide feature support timelines.


Support for collecting and displaying Rapid Security Response information has been provided via Workspace ONE UEM patch. With this patch applied, devices will display the Rapid Security Response alphabetical character appended to OS version. See below for patch scope: 

UI Support
  • Device List View 
  • Device Details View
  • Device Friendly Name
Reporting Support
  • Device List View Export (CSV only)

Please see below for patch information specific to each Workspace ONE UEM release: 
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2302 - patch (SaaS & on-premises release build)
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2212 - patch (SaaS & on-premises) 
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2210 - patch (SaaS only) 
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2209 - patch (SaaS & on-premises)
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2206 - patch (SaaS & on-premises) 
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2204 - patch (SaaS only) 
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2203 - patch (SaaS & on-premises) 
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2111 - patch (SaaS & on-premises)
  • Workspace ONE UEM v2109 - TBA