Manually set redirect target to FQDN for vRealize Log Insight standalone instance
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Manually set redirect target to FQDN for vRealize Log Insight standalone instance


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VMware Aria Suite


The purpose of this article is to provide steps for configuring the FQDN for a standalone vRealize Log Insight instance.
These steps assume that the FQDN is configured in DNS and the vRealize Log Insight vApp properties.

  • The vRealize Log Insight FQDN isn't available as the Redirect URL Host for Workspace ONE Access (formerly vIDM) integration, and target for vRealize Operations and vSphere integrations.


VMware vRealize Log Insight 8.x


  1. Navigate to https://vrli_primary_fqdn_ip/internal/config page.
Note: Replace vrli_primary_fqdn_ip with the FQDN or IP address of the vRealize Log Insight Primary node.
  1. In the following section, update the daemon host value to the FQDN of the Primary node:
<distributed overwrite-children="true">
<daemon host="primary_node_FQDN" port="16520" token="<UUID_1>">
<service-group name="standalone" />

Note: Replace primary_node_fqdn with the FQDN of the Primary node.

Example<distributed overwrite-children="true">
<daemon host="vrli.vcloud.local" port="16520" token="<UUID_1>">
<service-group name="standalone" />
  1. Click Save.

Navigate back to the integration.  If the FQDN still doesn't show up, restart loginsight service on each node.
  1. Log into the Primary node as root via SSH or Console, pressing ALT+F1 in a Console to log in.
  2. Run the following command to restart the vRLI service:
systemctl restart loginsight
  1. Repeat steps 1-2 on all other node in the vRealize Log Insight cluster.