Aria Operations Adapter is in warning state with error "Certificate Validation failed"
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Aria Operations Adapter is in warning state with error "Certificate Validation failed"


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VMware Aria Suite



In the Quick Start page you see error , "Your Certificate is expired. Please check the expiry date to take an action"

The Aria Operations adapter is in warning state with error "Certificate validation failed"




Aria Operations


Expired Adapter Certificate in Aria Operations.


  • In a Web browser, navigate to the Aria Operations administration interface at https://node-FQDN-or-ip-address/ui.
  • Log in with the administrator user name and password.
  • In the menu, click Administration, and in the left pane click Management > Certificates.

Note: For newer product versions, it may be Administration > Certificates

  • In the certificate window, select the certificate that has to be removed.
  • Click Delete to remove the certificate.

If the certificate is being used by the adapter, then the following message comes up:

If you delete a certificate which is already being used by another adapter, the adapter fails to connect or start. As a workaround, perform the following steps:

  1. On the left pane, click Data Sources > Integrations
  2. Select the particular adapter and go to edit settings
  3. Click Validate Connection
  4. A prompt comes up asking the user to import the associated certificate. Click OK.
  5. Restart the adapter collection from the Integrations page.





Additional Information


The adapter collection will be down, with the respective adapter in warning state