Rotating VRLI password breaks connectivity from VROPS to VRLI.
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Rotating VRLI password breaks connectivity from VROPS to VRLI.


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VMware Cloud Foundation


This article will help the Internal and external users to recover from the credential issue.


If the admin password of vRealize Log Insight (VRLI) i.e. VMware Aria Operations for Logs is changed from SDDC Manager, the vRealize Operations Manager (VROPS) is unable to connect to VRLI. The below logs are displayed in /var/log/vmware/vcf/operationsmanager/operationsmanager.log:

2023-08-10T16:49:56.483+0000 DEBUG [vcf_om,d958bd81c32690e3,371c] [,om-exec-23] Making request: POST https://Hostname-22:9543/api/v1/sessions
2023-08-10T16:49:56.682+0000 DEBUG [vcf_om,d958bd81c32690e3,371c] [,om-exec-23] Received response: for POST request with host: Hostname-22, port: 9543, isSecure: true, path: /api/v1/sessions, queryParamMap: null, headers: {Accept=application/json, Content-Type=application/json}
2023-08-10T16:49:56.682+0000 DEBUG [vcf_om,d958bd81c32690e3,371c] [,om-exec-23] Response Body: {"errorMessage":"Invalid credentials or account is locked.","errorCode":"FIELD_ERROR"}


VMware Cloud foundation 5.x
VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.1
VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.0
Vmware Cloud Foundation 5.1


After rotating the VRLI password, the new password were not synced back to VROPS.


Unlock the VRLI admin account by running the below command on the VRLI server (Refer to KB 87642):

/usr/lib/loginsight/application/sbin/ --unlockAdmin

Next, log in to VROPS UI and update the new VRLI password.

Note: This problem applies to all the VCF 5.1.x or older versions.