Create/Remove VI Domain fails on SSO topology validation on VxRail.
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Create/Remove VI Domain fails on SSO topology validation on VxRail.


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VMware Cloud Foundation


This article is intended to give guidance to users on how to remediate the issue.

Creation of a new VI Domain or removal of an existing VI Domain for VCF on VxRail can result in failure during the task "Validate the Single Sign-On (SSO) Ring Topology" with error code SSO_RING_TOPOLOGY_FETCH_FAILED_FROM_NODES.


VMware Cloud foundation 5.x
Vmware Cloud Foundation


During a past VI Domain creation invocation there was a failure that required remediation and restart of the operation. This behavior results in the vCenter associated with the successfully created domain having incorrect SSO status in the VCF platform database.


This issue is fixed in VCF 5.1.


Follow the steps should below:

  1. SSH to the SDDC virtual machine.

  2. Connect to the platform database via psql: psql -h localhost -U postgres -d platform

  3. Review the records in the vcenter table for the value ACTIVE in the status column and value NOT_JOINED for the join_sso_status column.

  4. Update any occurrences that match the condition in 3. using the following SQL update statement:         UPDATE vcenter SET join_sso_status='JOINED' where id=<ID for a record identified in 3.>;