[INTERNAL] SDDC Manager restore fails after upgrade using Async Patch tool
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[INTERNAL] SDDC Manager restore fails after upgrade using Async Patch tool


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VMware Cloud Foundation


This article will help users to unblock this issue with the help of GSS.


SDDC-Manager restore operation fails at sub-task ExtractSDDCManagerBackup with error "Extracting SDDC Manager backup file operation failed, SDDC Manager lcm version verification failed".


Vmware Cloud Foundation 4.5.1
VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x


When SDDC-Manager is upgraded using the Async Patch tool, the new SDDC-Manager version is not updated in the inventory. So, the SDDC-Manager ova location that we provide in the metadata.json file still points to the previous SDDC-Manager version. Because of this, the restore failed at the SDDC-Manager services version check as the SDDC-Manager services versions are not matched.


Currently there is no resolution.

Use the right SDDC-Manager ova to restore the SDDC-Manager.

Follow the below steps:
  1. Find the vcf-appliances patch release GA build that was used to upgrade the SDDC-Manager using the Async Patch tool.
  2. To restore the SDDC-Manager, use the SDDC-Manager ova from the above build.