H5 Client VM Overrides page keeps loading
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H5 Client VM Overrides page keeps loading


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VMware vCenter Server


The article provides information on troubleshooting a constant spinning cycle on VM Overrides read-only view.

In H5 Client Cluster -> Configure -> VM Overrides page never loads


VMware vCenter Server 7.0.3
VMware vCenter Server 7.0.x


When a user, that lacks privileges on one or more VMs that are part of the VM Overrides rule / rules, tries to load VM Overrides read-only view.


This behavior could be caused by lack of privileges of the user that views the VM Overrides read-only view.
When VM Override rule exists with some Virtual Machines, for which the current user does not have permissions,
then UI may enter a spinning cycle.

Procedure to resolve issue:
Step 1
Determine which are the Virtual Machines that the user lacks privileges for.

Step 2
Determine which are the privileges the user lacks.

Step 3
Give the user the privileges determined in previous step for the respective Virtual Machines.

No workaround available.