Creating Personality in VCF by uploading files manually.
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Creating Personality in VCF by uploading files manually.


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VMware Cloud Foundation


To let users, know that this is a known issue.

Image Mangement tab in SDDC Manager UI:
  • Import Personality from VCF (SDDC Manager UI -> Lifecycle Management -> Image Management -> Option 2)
  • Attach 4 files (Cluster Settings JSON File, Software Spec JSON File, ZIP File, ISO File)
  • Enter the Cluster Image Name
  • Click on Upload Image Components
  • You will see errors: 
Failed to upload image components. Http failure response for https://sddc-manager.vrack.vsphere.local/ui/api/v1/personalities/files : 413 Request Entity Too Large

API invocation via Developer Center:

fails with 413 Request Entity Too Large:

  • PUT: /v1/personalities/files

Request Payload: Array of files.

Response: FileUploadId

  • POST: /v1/personalities. 

Request Payload:

"uploadSpecRawWithFileUploadIdMode": {
"fileUploadId": "<FileUploadId got in the /v1/personalities/files API"
          Response: 413 Error


VMware Cloud Foundation 5.0


This issue is observed as SDDC Manager is not able to upload the total size of files.


The issue is fixed in release.

  • Extract the personality from VCenter
  • Create a Image in VCenter.
  • In SDDC Manager UI -> Lifecycle Management -> Image Mangement, Select Option 1.
  • Select Workload Domain, and Select Cluster
  • Specify a name and click on Extract Cluster Image