New CA Dispatch / TLMS EDM interface for managing archive tapes
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New CA Dispatch / TLMS EDM interface for managing archive tapes


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


New enhanced functionality has recently been made available for CA Dispatch release 11.7 which now provides a direct External Data Manager (EDM) interface between CA Dispatch and CA TLMS for management of the CA Dispatch associated archive volsers. The new interface provides a mechanism for direct communication between CA Dispatch and CA TLMS for scratching TLMS EDM recognized volsers when the Dispatch defined retentions for all of the reports on a particular volser have exceeded their retentions and been deleted from the CA Dispatch database.

The new interface is available with the application of recently published CA Dispatch apars RO82687 and RO79236.

A summary of the changes to CA TLMS involve identifying both the EDM and the CA Dispatch archive tapes that will be under EDM control:                        

       -Define CA Dispatch to CA TLMS as an EDM.
       -Update CA TLMS RMF entry for CA Dispatch volumes.
       -Update the EDM ID for the active CA Dispatch volumes by running the new DSEXTEDM job.
       -Re-initialization of the CA TLMS TLMSIPO options.

A summary of the changes to CA Dispatch include:

      -Application of apars RO79236 and RO82687 which adds TLMS EDM support to CA Dispatch 11.7
        in the form of a new Special Feature and the new DSEXTEDM job to update the CA TLMS database.
      -Installation of new special feature FEAT062 with a flag setting of Y.
      -Setting the appropriate Tape Management System option on the Dispatch VSGMU210 screen.
      -Making the CA TLMS program TLMSSEDM available to the CA Dispatch archive cleanup utility when it executes. 

Continue executing the batch maintenance cleanup utility DSEXPSAR (or DSEXTMIG if CA Dispatch is down) regularly to notify CA  TLMS of the VOLSERS that can be scratched.

Please download and refer to recently published Documentation Update (PDC) RI81973 for the complete CA Dispatch / CA TLMS EDM interface installation and implementation instructions.


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch