A lock on ADAM database files prevents the VMware vCenter Server service from starting
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A lock on ADAM database files prevents the VMware vCenter Server service from starting


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VMware vCenter Server


  • The VMware vCenter Server service fails to start.
  • The vCenter Server vpxd logs show that the VMwareVCMSDS service is not starting:

    info 'App'] [LdapBackup] Attempting to start service ADAM_VMwareVCMSDS...
    info 'App'] [LdapBackup] Service stopped, starting
    info 'App'] [LdapBackup] Service in pending state, waiting...
    warning 'VpxProfiler' opID=SWI-e9301b27] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took 12106 ms
    error 'App'] [LdapBackup] Service failed to start
    error 'App'] [VpxdLdap] No more backups available to attempt recovery.
    error 'App'] [Vpxd::ServerApp::Init] Init failed: VpxdLdap::Init()
    info 'Default'] Wrote uptime information
    error 'App'] Failed to initialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down...
    info 'App'] Forcing shutdown of VMware VirtualCenter now You may also see Errors in the ADAM logs similar to: VMwareVCMSDS (580) ADAMDSA: Unable to write a shadowed header for file D:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\VMwareVCMSDS\edb.chk. Error -1032.


VMware vCenter Server 5.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 4.1.x
VMware vCenter Server 5.1.x
VMware vCenter Server 4.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 5.5.x


The vCenter Server Service is unable to start if the files for the ADAM instance VMwareVCMSDS are locked, corrupt, or otherwise unavailable for accessing.

These files can be locked if they are being scanned by realtime virus scanning.


To resolve this issue, either stop scanning all.edb and.chk files or stop scanning on the ADAM instance folder, the default location is C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\VMwareVCMSDS.
Insufficient permissions to the C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\VMwareVCMSDS folder may also cause this issue. Ensure the users or group has read and write access. NT Authority/Network Service requires read and write access to this folder.

Note: In vCenter Server 5.x, the path to VMwareVCMSDS is C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter \ VMwareVCMSDS.

Additional Information

ADAM データベース ファイルのロックが VMware vCenter Server サービスの起動を妨げる