PROGRAM Execution Denied
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PROGRAM Execution Denied


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


You identified an issue where you are unable to execute a certain binary any longer which ControlMinder was obviously preventing?
You know that a PROGRAM rule was defined for this binary, here /usr/bin/notes

This document describes how to determine that indeed ControlMinder is preventing the binary’s execution, what is the reason for this denial and how to overcome the issue.



Release: 12.8.X
Component: SEOSU


First thing to do is to see if we have a 'D' (denial) by ControlMinder in the first place when accessing this resource.  So, we use the seaudit utility and grep for the process being blocked:

 # seaudit -a | grep /usr/bin/notes
25 Mar 2015 14:22:40 D PROGRAM <User> Exec 250 2 /usr/bin/notes /usr/bin/ksh IP_ADDRESS_HERE (OS user) root

Next it is of interest why ControlMinder denied execution

# seaudit -t | grep 250

250     Executing an untrusted program

# selang -c "sr program /usr/bin/notes | grep Untrust"

Untrust           : Yes

# selang -c "sr program /usr/bin/notes | grep Why"

Why               : Mtime

Since we know the reason of the binary’s change we want to trust it again hence allow ControlMinder to execute it again. For this we use the seretrust utility which generates the selang commands required to retrust all programs and secure files defined in the ControlMinder database.

# ./seretrust -a

This will output the relevant selang command adding the trust flag onto the according policy.

In selang while connected to the seosdb submit the commands issued by the seretrust command, e.g

chres PROGRAM ("/usr/bin/notes") trust

Additional Information

For further details about the seretrust utility and a specific example how to use it please see:

seretrust Utility Generate Commands to Retrust Programs and Secure Files

Also see these other Documents on how to protect programs:


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