OWB - The lookup values used for the filter have changed...
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OWB - The lookup values used for the filter have changed...


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In Open Workbench (OWB), if the user Locale is French, OWB translates the filter values  to French and then receive message saying: “The lookup values used for the filter have changed…”

Steps to Reproduce:

1.      Open OWB (Open Workbench)

2.      Create a filter for the following:-

a.      Filter Name: Completed Tasks

b.      Field: Task Status

c.      Compare: Equal

d.      Value: Completed

3.      In the Windows operating system please open the Control Panel -> select ‘Region and language’ -> ‘Formats’ tab and set the language to French.

4.      Now open a project in OWB.

5.      Go to the ‘Filters & Sorts’ menu on the left side of the OWB User Interface and click on ‘Completed Tasks’ filter.  Then receive this message:-


The lookup values used for the filter have changed.  The values may have just been renamed or items may have been deleted or made inactive.  Edit the filter and verify the lookup values, then save the Highlight, View or Filter. The old filter value for the lookup ‘Statut’ was ‘Completed’ and the current value is ‘Terminé’.


This is working as designed.  The reason is due to the filter value being translated to French, this is an example of how the filter has been setup:-

a.      Filter Name: Filtre - Définition 

b.      Champ: Etape Statut

c.      Comparer: Terminé

d.      Valeur: Terminé

When you setup the OWB and the operating system to French and also create the Filter in OWB to French it works completely fine. 


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