Creating an Organization in VMware vCloud Director
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Creating an Organization in VMware vCloud Director


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VMware Cloud Director


This article provides:
  • Information about Organizations in VMware vCloud Director
  • Steps to create an Organization


VMware Cloud Director 1.5.x
VMware Cloud Director 5.1.x
VMware Cloud Director 5.5.x
VMware Cloud Director 1.0.x


An Organization is the fundamental vCloud Director grouping that contains users, the vApps that they create, and the resources the vApps use. It is a top-level container in a cloud that contains one or more Organization Virtual Data Centers (Org vDCs) and Catalog entities. It owns all the virtual resources for a cloud instance and can have many Org vDCs.
An organization can be internal to your company providing the vCloud Director or to a customer organization that is using your Cloud Director.
An Org administrator can allocate resources from visible storage and Resource Groups (such as CPU and Memory) and assign them to the Org vDC. An Org administrator also has access to organization networks which it can assign to the Org vDC.
To to create an Organization in VMware vCloud Director:
  1. Launch the Create a New Organization wizard from the VMware vCloud Director user interface home page.

    Note: If you try to create an Org vDC before creating an Organization, the Create a New Organization wizard is automatically launched.

  2. In the Name section, an administrator can provide an alternative URL for the Organization users to hide the actual URL.

    Note: The administrator must ensure that the URL redirects users to the real URL.

  3. Select an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Option.

    • Cloud Director supports LDAP integration for user authorization.
    • LDAP services can be provided by the Service Provider or can be internal to the organization.
    • This provides a structured way of managing users in your organization.

  4. Add Local Users to your organization. This can be useful if there are issues with your LDAP service. VMware recommends creating at least one local user per organization.

    Note: Even if you are using LDAP as the user source for this Organization, consider creating at least one local user that can log in if LDAP is unavailable. As needed, you can create a local user as the Organization administrator.

  5. Decide whether or not to publish the Organization's catalogs.

    Note: Catalogs hold the organization's vApps/virtual machines and media (ISOs).

  6. Setup Email Preferences (used for sending notifications for this organization).

    Note: You can also test email settings.

  7. Define the vApp lease times, the virtual machine quotas, and the Operation Limits.
  8. At the Ready to Complete screen, you can choose to launch the Org vDC creation wizard by selecting Allocate resources to this organization after the wizard finishes.

    Note: You can also create a new Org vDC from the vCloud Director web interface home page.