Cannot connect when Host and Viewer are in different AD Domains.
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Cannot connect when Host and Viewer are in different AD Domains.


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A new domain was added to the environment. Client automation was rolled out to the PC's in this domain reporting to Scalability servers in the existing environment.

AM and SD functions correctly but when attempting to connect from an RC viewer in the existing domain to an RC host in the new domain the following error is received.

The Remote Control Management Server is not available to validate the credentials supplied.


Client Automation - All versions


There was no trust relationship established between the 2 domains.

The host first authenticates the supplied credentials against AD to verify the username and password are correct. After this the host tells the scalability server to validate that the user is allowed to remote control the Host. The host therefore needs to be able to authenticate the users credentials in the original domain and this requires a 2 way trust relationship.


Create a 2 way trust relationship between the 2 domains.