ERR268 in VISION:Report
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ERR268 in VISION:Report


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There are two error conditions that branch to the ERR268 message:

  • Early task termination where the ECB for the task is posted before the ECB for the sort exit. This happens when the attached sort sub-task terminates before getting to the sort exit point where VISION:Report was either going to pass a record to sort or get one back. In this case you need to review the error message for the sort to see what happened and the corrective action depends on the sort messages.
  • If the ECB has a reason code of x'20', setting the SRTWKN parameter to YES in the QJOPTION block should resolve the problem.

    This can be verified by adding OPTION SORTWKN=YES to the application.

Note that when upgrading a release it is always important to match site level customization parameters like SORTWKN.


Release: VSNREP00100-16.1-VISION:Report