Implementation/Validation task abends with a S0C4 in MSMCAUX
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Implementation/Validation task abends with a S0C4 in MSMCAUX


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


Check the JES Message Log for the failing MSMCAUX. Look to see if it contains an "IEF188I PROBLEM PROGRAM ATTRIBUTES ASSIGNED" message. This message would be followed by an "MSMC0016E SCS requires APF authorization" message. Adding an additional STEP to the MSMCAUX PROC will nullify the PPT SYST setting. By doing so will cause memory allocation to behave differently than what is expected by MSMCAUX. In this scenario because SP 0 was allocated as a result of the additional step. Because SYST was not in affect as expected, the SP 0 allocation was done using Key 8 and not Key 4 as is expected by MSMCAUX. 

Excerpt from IBM’s knowledge center:

The program specified on PGMNAME is a system task and is not timed (SYST) or is not a system task and is to be timed (NOSYST). 
For SYST, the program must be a one-step job started by a START or MOUNT command. If these conditions are not met, SYST is nullified
and the system issues message IEF188I. All other properties remain in effect. 
If procedures are multistep or if NOSYST is specified, TIME=1440 may be required to prevent timeout. In goal mode, a task 
marked SYST is put in the SYSSTC service class unless it is explicitly classified in the WLM classification rules before
any SPM rule entries. 
Default: NOSYST 

If you have added an additional step to MSMCAUX, please remove it and try your configuration task again.



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