ESX host reboots, becomes unresponsive, or experiences a purple diagnostic screen when logging into the service console
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ESX host reboots, becomes unresponsive, or experiences a purple diagnostic screen when logging into the service console


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VMware vSphere ESXi


  • When an ESX host has been added to Active Directory and a domain user attempts to log on to the service console, the ESX host may:
    • Reboot
    • Become unresponsive
    • Experience a purple diagnostic (PSOD) screen similar to:

      0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)[45m[33;1mVMware ESX 4.1.0 [Releasebuild-260247 X86_64]
      0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)#GP Exception 13 in world 4096:console @ 0xffffffff8801ab88 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)cr0=0x80050033 cr2=0xffffc200053260b2 cr3=0xcf600000 cr4=0x660 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)frame=0x417fc7806ef8 ip=0xffffffff8801ab88 err=64 rflags=0x10006 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)rax=0x100f9 rbx=0xffffffff8012bcd8 rcx=0xffffffff8000a1d4 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)rdx=0xa1d4 rbp=0x417fc7806fd8 rsi=0x417fc79e9b60 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)rdi=0xffffffff8012bcd8 r8=0xffff802f800042a0 r9=0xffff 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)r10=0x0 r11=0xffff802f800042a0 r12=0xffffffff88041f42 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)r13=0x6 r14=0xffffffff8012bcd8 r15=0x6 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:0 world:4096 name:"console" (S) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:1 world:4097 name:"idle1" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:2 world:4098 name:"idle2" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:3 world:4099 name:"idle3" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:4 world:4100 name:"idle4" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:5 world:4101 name:"idle5" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:6 world:4102 name:"idle6" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:7 world:4103 name:"idle7" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:8 world:4104 name:"idle8" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:9 world:4234 name:"helper23-4" (S) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:10 world:4106 name:"idle10" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:11 world:4107 name:"idle11" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:12 world:4108 name:"idle12" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:13 world:4109 name:"idle13" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:14 world:4110 name:"idle14" (I) 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)pcpu:15 world:4111 name:"idle15" (I) @BlueScreen: #GP Exception 13 in world 4096:console @ 0xffffffff8801ab88 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)Code start: 0x418007800000 VMK uptime: 0:13:21:15.531 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)0x417fc7806fd8:[0xffffffff8801ab88]__vmk_versionInfo_str@esx:nover+0x7ff9a577 stack: 0xffffffff8012 0:13:21:15.531 cpu0:4096)0x417fc7806fe8:[0xffffffff8801a4f9]__vmk_versionInfo_str@esx:nover+0x7ff99ee8 stack: 0x0 0:13:21:15.532 cpu0:4096)0xffffffff8012bec8:[0xffffffff8012bcd8]__vmk_versionInfo_str@esx:nover+0x780ab6c7 stack: 0x0 0:13:21:15.539 cpu0:4096)FSbase:0x0 GSbase:0x418040000000 kernelGSbase:0x0 Coredump to disk. Slot 1 of 1.

  • This issue occurs if the user account that is accessing the service console is a member of more than 32 groups.
  • This issue does not occur if domain users connect using vSphere Client


VMware ESX 4.1.x
VMware ESX 4.0.x


This issue is resolved in patch: