Registering or unregistering vCenter Server 5.0 to the Windows vSphere Web Client when Adobe Flash player cannot be installed
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Registering or unregistering vCenter Server 5.0 to the Windows vSphere Web Client when Adobe Flash player cannot be installed


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VMware vCenter Server


  • You cannot register vCenter Server 5.0 web client if Adobe Flash Player is not installed.
  • You see this error on the vSphere Web Client Administration Tool web page ( https://server:9443/admin-app/ ):

    To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player 10.1.0 or greater is installed.

    If you are unable to install Adobe Flash Player you can register vCenter Servers using the command line by means of the script $Install_DIR\scripts\admin-cmd.bat. $Install_DIR is the path to your vSphere Web Client Installation


VMware vCenter Server 5.0.x


Adobe Flash Player is required to use the vSphere Web Client Administration Tool Interface.
However, VMware provides the admin-cmd.bat script as a command line alternative to allow administrators to register and unregister vCenter Servers to the vSphere Web Client instance when Adobe Flash Player cannot be installed.


Notes: This article is specifically for vSphere 5.0. If you are using vSphere 5.1 or vSphere 5.5, see:
To register or unregister vCenter Server to the Windows vSphere Web Client when Adobe Flash player is installed, use the admin-cmd.bat script similar to:

admin-cmd.bat register|unregister vSphere-web-client-url vCenter-server-url username password
  • register|unregister is the operation you would like to perform
  • vSphere-web-client-url is the URL and port to the Web Client service. For example, https://clientIP:port/vsphere-client
  • vCenter-server-url is the vCenter Server which you are registering with the Web Client
  • username is the username to use for registering
  • password is the password to use for registering
To use this script:
  1. Navigate to the appropriate directory from the command prompt. By default, this is C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere Web Client\Scripts.
  2. Run the admin-cmd.bat script with the appropriate information. Examples:

    admin-cmd.bat register https://client-ip:9443/vsphere-client https://vsphere-server-localhost user password

    admin-cmd.bat register https://vSphere-web-client-url:9443/vsphere-client https://vcenter-server-url username password

    After you run the script, the registered vCenter Server shows up in the dropdown menu of the Web Client.

Additional Information

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